Dogs...Lakeside has climate controlled runs for small, medium, large and giant breeds. The  inside is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter. The outside part of the runs are shaded. We "exercise" the dogs at least three times per day. We start in the morning by letting each dog out separately so they can do their "business" in the adjoining grassy exercise yards. We sanitize each run and give each dog fresh water. Pets are fed according to owner instructions.  We "exercise" the dogs again in the afternoon. We try to spend a little extra time with each pet playing fetch, chase or just sit on the grass and give them pets and hugs. After each pet has been out they all get a treat, a pet and a hug. One of the most important services we have is that we live right here on site. That means we can check on the dogs day or night. Your pet can be bathed and/or groomed before their departure so they can go home smelling fresh and clean.  Just notify us upon arrival!
 TLC...for your pet!  While your pet is boarded at Lakeside, they receive a lot of attention. Your dog is "exercised" three times per day. We are pleased to offer TLC playtime for those customers who'd like their pet to receive extra play sessions. Fifteen minutes of additional playtime is just $4.00 per playtime per pet. Just let us know how much additional TLC you'd like your pet to have.  Whether it's a walk, throwing frisbee or just romping in the exercise yard, your pet will enjoy some TLC from our friendly staff.


Boarding Rates (Effective April 1, 2013)

Large run - $18/day

Medium run - $17/day

Small run - $16.50/day

*Additional pets in the same run are $11.00/day

We offer a 10% discount for active duty or career retired military and seniors over the age of 60.

Be sure to let us know if you qualify for the discount at the time of check-in.

 Our boarding rates are by the day, not by the night. The first day begins at check in (regardless of time of day) and ends at midnight.  The second ay begins at 12:01 a.m. the following day.  The advantage of daily rates is to accommodate the varied scheduling needs of our customers. We can check pets in and out of boarding anytime during normal business hours.


First Time Customers

First time customers will be required to provide current credit card information in order for us to reserve boarding space.  Any reservation not cancelled 24 hours prior to scheduled arrival will be charged the full boarding charges for the reserved run(s).


 Vaccination Requirements


We require our boarders to be up-to-date on their yearly vaccinations of DHLP, Parvo, and Rabies. Bordetella (canine cough) vaccination is high recommended and should be administered at least two weeks in advance of boarding your dog.  Bring a copy of vaccination records with you during your pet's first visit so we can make a copy for our files. A rabies tag is not proof of other required vaccinations.   If you are unable to locate your pet's record, just give us the name of your veterinarian and we will call and verify their vaccinations.


Under no circumstances can we board your pet without proof or verification of current vaccinations.