We groom all breeds of dogs.

In addition to being an owner and overseeing the operation of Lakeside Kennels, NancY can groom any breed of dog. Due to the large clientele Nancy serves, she cannot accept new clients with certain breeds like standard poodles and other large and giant breed dogs.  Nancy will be happy to talk with you about your grooming needs. 

We also provide bathing, ear cleaning and nail trimming services in our grooming shoppe.

Bath rates - Minimum price depending on coat condition.  Removal of mats, sticker burrs, skunk odor, etc. will be additional. 

                                                            Small dog     w/short hair - $17     w/med. hair - $18     w/long hair - $22
                                                        Medium dog     w/short hair - $21     w/med. hair - $22     w/long hair - $26
                                                           Large dog     w/short hair - $27     w/med. hair - $28     w/long hair - $32
                                                            Giant dog     w/short hair - $35     w/med. hair - $38     w/long hair - $45
               Extra Services: Flea & Tick Shampoo, Medicated Shampoo, Flea & Tick Dip - $8.00 maximum depending on the size of the dog.

Grooming rates vary and depend largely upon the breed of the dog and condition of it's coat.  Please call us for an estimate at 361-775-0774.  Estimates given on the phone for dogs we have not previously bathed and/or groom are not binding.  Additional charges may be added for dipping if fleas and/or ticks are present; coat is matted or tangled; dog has a difficult temperament or dog has sensitive skin and a special medicated shampoo is required.