Hurricane Policy

Hurricane Policy

History has shown how unpredictable and deadly hurricanes can be.  2005 brought extensive damage and loss of life to the coastal areas of Mississippi, Louisianana and the upper Texas coast.  The effect of a hurricane on Ingleside cannot be accurately predicted.

While Lakeside Boarding Kennels strives to proved the finest care for our boarded pers, we must also consider our personal safety in the event of a hurricane.  Additionally, it would be impossible to evacuate several dozen pets that may be boarded in the event of a hurricane.

Affective June 1, 2006, each customer who board a pet with us during hurricane season will be asked to provide the name and telephone number(s) of a pwerson who can, in the vent Lakeside Boarding Kennels op0ts to evacuate due to a hurricane, will pickup a boarded pet.

In the event a boarded pet cannot be picked up by a friend, relative or designated person, Lakeside Boarding Kennels will secure the building housing your pet to the best of our ability within the time given before forecast landfall.  Your pet will be given water and dry food for an estimated three (3) days.

Thank you for your business.  We will continue to "Provide a Safe, Caring & Clean Envoronment for Your Pet".