My experience at Lakeside Kennels was fabulous.  Our pets are like children.  I was looking for a comfortable place that I could leave my dogs while I was away for a weekend.  I heard about Lakeside Kennels and one day I checked them out.  I drove up the drive feeling comfortable with the open area where there were peacocks and other birds roaming freely. 

I was shown the kennels where my dogs would be sleeping and running.  The runs were medium to large for any size dog.  I felt a heartwarming feeling like I wanted to stay at this place.  The kennels are air conditioned when it gets hot and heated when it is cold.  There is someone on the grounds 24/7 just in case anything needs to be done. 

I dropped my two dogs, Midnite and Cocoanut, off the following day.  When I put Cocoanut down she looked at me like, “May I go outside?”  I gave her a look like, “Sure you can.”  She walked through the doggie door out into the yard.  I felt comfortable leaving them at Lakeside Kennels.

When I picked up my dogs they were happy to see me as I was to see them.  The groomer, Wanda, bathed my dogs and put a little bandana around their necks.  How sweet.  Midnite and Cocoanut were happy which made me happy.  I will definitely bring my dogs back to Lakeside Kennels.  -  Jeannette

I have been boarding my dogs Fuzzy and Daisy at Lakeside Kennels a couple times a year for about 4 years now...they love it there. When I come to pick them up after their stay of course they are happy to see me, but they are content. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lakeside Kennels!  -  Chris